Getting Started

Starting your course is easy. Once you're onboarded onto our platform, you will fill out a form that tells us about you.


Getting Personal

We hate to be bores, and our team wants to know you! We'll set up a personal chat between you and all the instructors so we can easily stay in touch! We do informal office hours, but in general you can ask a question anytime. We won't get back to you immediately, but our response times are pretty fast during course times.


Configuring your timeline

Our platform asks you for your test date -- don't worry if you don't have one -- we'll recommend a time you should write it. Based on this, we'll set up your deadlines, and schedule. You don't have to do anything! If we haven't as yet asked you when you're planning to write your test, this would it :)


Making Your Game-plan

This is when we'll build the order in which you'll complete all your lectures and subjects -- usually, we start with Logical Reasoning and then work our way into Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension later.


Mindset Training

Before we get started with the content, we get you in 'LSAT mode'. At this time, you'll learn about the number of hours you'll study, how to learn content, what medical school looks like, and how you're going to become the better you! We study for the LSAT as if we're _already_ in law school - which means longer hours, and studying harder! So, get pumped!! :D


Mastering the content

We don't give you access to all the content immediately -- it overwhelms people :) Instead, we'll give you a lecture to master -- when you know your stuff, you can take the lecture quiz to prove that you're ready to move on. When you pass the quiz, your next lecture literally unlocks!


Acing the quizzes

We know exactly how to do well on the LSAT -- you need to know your content! To make sure that you don't just slip through the cracks, or move on when you're not ready, you will have to score 80% on your quiz to move on to the lecture. Just a heads-up: we've been students too ;) Our system knows when you're BS-ing, or clicking at random -- it'll catch you! #fullAccountability #noEscape


Mastering the Subjects

Once you've completed your lectures, we check whether you're good to move on to the next quiz. Sometimes, you can pass all the lectures, but it may look like you didn't pass most of the quizzes on your first attempt. If so, we have to fix this before we can move on.


Mock Examinations

We use only the LSAC past tests to build your LSAT-competance and to predict your scores. At this point, if you've done everything correctly -- worked the right number of hours, weren't absent during for a significant number of days, and did the content as we've asked of you, you'll be scoring near 170s. If this is not the case, our instructors will look at your test scores and identify your issues and give your further tasks.


The Day Before Your Test

At this point, somtimes the only thing standing in the way is test anxiety; you know your stuff, but you're just worried about the test in-general. Although this is not officially a part of the course, if you've worked hard throughout the course, our instructors will give you a call the day before the test to share their insights and to give you a pep. talk! We like checking to make sure that you're not overthinking things or overtly worried when you shouldn't be :)


Post-Test Follow-up

When you're back from the test, let us know how it went! We prep. for the test as if we're studying with you, and often we worry about you :') The follow-up is a way to detox post test, and if needed, plan for next steps - whether that's submitting applications to law schools, or maybe at times rewriting the test.