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Standardized-Tests Preparation

We have been teaching students cumulatively for 10+ years. We teach bottom-up (you don't need to know anything!), use tons of pop culture, looove connecting concepts, and make learning fun. Don't be intimidated but these tests -- trust us, we'll show how easy it is to do well on them!

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Career Planning

Personally and professionally, we know how it feels to be stuck. Whether you don't know what to do to reach your goals, or you're not sure what to do later in life at all, don't worry -- we've got you! Our unconstrained approach focusses on building on your interests, having fun with what you do, and having you decide a career that you'll love.


App. Consulting & Editing

Ask anyone, we know how to prepare you for interviews. Sometimes people don't know what to say in their apps., sometimes they don't know how to word them, and sometimes they need a professional opinion from people who've placed countless students into professional schools; we do it all! We bring your personality into your apps., so you can feel that you've killed it!


Interview Preparation

We train you how to be confident, and to have genuine conversations with your interviewers, so you can leave a lasting impression! Our students know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it, and they bring a level of pizzaz that almost guarantees that they get many offers! It's a pretty dope when our students choose their schools instead of the schools choosing them ;)