Students prep. with us, so they get accepted to better law schools sooner and easier.

We guarantee you a HIGH score by aggressively tackling your problems, keep you accountable, give you phenomenal content, and help you avoid all possible mistakes.

Higher Score Ceiling



Using the LSAC practice tests as the benchmark, we:
  • Built our content from scratch
  • Prioritized content that gets high scores
  • Build your ability to reason
  • Teach you to navigate difficult passages
Given this, we've seen that our students do great on all LSAT passages - no passage or question is too hard if you do it right, and that some have scored as high as 178, using solely our content.



Track Record

We're very thorough in our approach. So, it's not surprising when we see our students:
  • Jumping from 10/25 right to 25/25, on LR
  • Writing the LSAT within 30 to 60 days
  • Scoring 165 - 175 on the official LSAT
  • Scoring high enough to apply to Harvard, Yale, and Stanford



Content Questions

Before we get to practice tests, we've created 7000+ specific questions that:
  • Check every part of your content knowledge.
  • Assess your ability to reason.
  • Build your ability to avoid common trap answers.
  • Introduce you to the "hard" LSAT language.
  • Teach you how to deal with uncertainty.

Just one catch.

Course Perks


Score Guarantee

We're confident in our ability to get you scoring well, enough that if you've worked hard and followed our instructions, but didn't do well on the test -- you can retake the course, free of charge!


You Can: Aim For 170+

You have to believe that scoring well on this test is not difficult, and that a 170+, is hard but more than possible!

But, if it's possible then why doesn't everyone do it? Because, students don't know how, or they don't do it. But, that's what we're here to fix.

Plus, if you truly aim for 170+ and work for it, but fall short, you'll still score ~165+. Aim lower, and suddenly you can't apply to med. schools.


Think BIG picture

Here's a secret: if you throw out all the marketing crap, and look how prep. companies work - they're in it for you to score well. Why? Because, better score means better reviews which is good for business - not that there's anything wrong with that.

But, that's not how we do things. We actually want you to get into med. and as fast as possible. That's why we want you scoring as high as possible, the first time around. That's why we check in on you, push you, celebrate with you, and think of you all the time.
#ridetogether #dietogether


"Study like you're a law student, starting now"

We want you to get your head in the game - and attitude matters. That's why, if you're down, we teach you this course with the intensity of law school.

Why? Because, you're going to become a law student anyway, and in the event that you were to later find out that law school wasn't the career for you, this is an easy way to find out without going through the hassle.

What's dope though? Our ex-students report that in their first year of med., while everyone is freaked out about their course load, they feel pretty chill.


No Chance To Fail

We know the LSATs insanely well, and we know student-struggles really well too! That's why when you're prepping with us, you're not just getting content, but you're also getting instructors who steer you away from trap-habits and trap-actions.

But what does that mean, though? Often, during our prep. you'll want to do different things: try some schedule, want to take a practice test, or maybe take some time off - we can tell you whether it's a good idea, and if it is - then the right time and right approach to these things so your study-momentum doesn't break, and you come out on the top!

Because sometimes, just having the content and the practice tests isn't enough.

Reasoning-based Prep.

We teach you how to read better, reason stronger, and find answers faster from all types of passages. When you're ready, you'll know what the passage is before you've finished your first sentence

Bottom-up Learning

You don't need to take philosophy or related university courses for the LSAT; our content is designed to teach you everything from scratch. You'd be surprised -- even high school students have aced the LSAT with us.

LSAC-Only Practice

Imagine preparing for a university exam by studying materials from a different course -- yep, not a good idea! That's why we only questions designed