A typical course schedule




What you get

60+ Hours of In-class time

We start with 60 hours of in-class time, condensed into seven eight-hour days with all GMAT material at the same time

Unlimited Retakes

You will get unlimited access to the videos, course material and the subsequent courses with no extra charge at all

20 hours of free one-on-one

During each five-day course that occurs, you also have access to us one-on-one every day after class, we'll reach out to you

40 hours of self paced interactive videos

We understand that not everyone has the time to come into class; that's why we've built a cutting edge online portal so you can watch interactive videos at your own pace

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You will get comprehensive, full-color PDF manuals spanning all MCAT-relevant science content, as well as CARS strategy

Free Unlimited Course Retakes

After your first course with us, we won't just leave you hanging. You are welcome to attend subsequent courses you want for free

Score Guarantee 700 to 750+

At 99point9, we provide 165+ score guarentee to all of our students. Thats what makes us different from others

Admission Helps & Tricks

At the end of course we shall give you tips and tricks to help you to get admission in Business School and these tips can be very useful

Special features


We diagnose your weaknesses as soon as you sign up, and use them to tailor your study plan.


We start working on your weaknesses as soon as you sign up; before you come to class, you already start working on what you're weak in

Daily Followup

During the course, we check in on you often, making sure you're getting stuff done!

Personalized Study Schedule

Work online at your own pace, and get one-on-one help and free advice during the med. school admissions process

Student Centric

Work online at your own pace, and get one-on-one help and free advice during the med. school admissions process.

Unmatched Style Strategy

Nobody plans your future better than we do! We look at your short-term scores, and long-term career

Us vs. Them

What Our Students Say