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The four factors that impede your scores are the following: 


  1. Knowing/Understanding your content. 
  2. Objectively assessing whether you know your content. 
  3. Ensuring that you’re able to read complex sentence structures (it sucks when you know the content and still get things wrong!). 
  4. Applying the knowledge to your test. 


Solving the first three problems for everyone in every scenario is hard, but we’ve got this; the entire course structure is made the way it is to resolve this issue. Here’re the most basic components that ensure that you objectively know your content: 


  1. You must score at least 80% on lecture quizzes to proceed to the next quiz: It is your responsibility to learn the content in the lecture right on the spot and learn it well enough to be able to score this. 

  2. You can’t see the answers to the wrong questions: This requires little explanation. If we give you the answers, of course, you will score 100% on the quizzes without really knowing your stuff. 

  3. Some tests require you to score 100% on them: This one may seem counterintuitive but the logic is simple! If you’ve covered everything so far, and know the lectures well then you should be scoring perfectly on concepts that will def. be asked later. If you don’t do well on these questions then you must go back and know your stuff. 

  4. Sorting through complicated answer choices: This is by far the hardest thing for students to understand. Your standardized test is considered “hard” for the very reason that passages and answer choices are written in a complicated way, and require you to read closely! There’s no way around this. For this reason, we put you in a system where you come across this “hard language” immediately, and your brain starts adapting to it. The implication in your mind becomes clear: if you don’t read correctly, then you’ll get the quiz wrong, which means you’ll have to redo the lecture. That’s why, don’t rush - #readproperly.


When you know your content, we’ve nailed down the things you’re supposed to do. 


Does this all sound cumbersome? Kind of. So, why do it? Because we’re taking away all the distractions and all the other things you’d need to ace your test and get into your professional school! 

Here’s what you don’t need to worry about: 

✅ Do you need to worry about creating your schedule? Nope. 

✅ Do you need to worry about finding all the content?
      Nope - we’ve got you! 

✅ Do you need to worry about how much content is enough?
      Nope - we’ve gotten people up to 526/528 using our content.


 Do you need to worry about someone watching over you so that you’re not following the wrong approach?
      No. You just to need to trust the portal! 

✅ Should you go buy books or practice exams?
     Not at all - we tell you if you need anything. 

✅ How about falling off the grid and not doing the work?
      The portal is a drill sergeant; if you don’t work, it’ll kick your butt! ;) 

✅ What about thinking that what you’ve done isn’t enough?
      We’re pretty sure that this won’t be a concern for you (just finish a week’s worth of work and think about this again).

✅ How about when you should take your test?

 How about reference letters, application help, which schools to apply to, and when to do this all?
      This comes later, but we’re there to guide you. 

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