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MARK ONE: The Platform To Succeed!

What’s Mark One? It’s 99point9’s proprietary learning platform, geared not only at bolstering student engagement but also at guaranteeing student scores through content mastery and accountability tools. 

That all sounds rad, but what does that mean? Well, think about it, when you used online education platforms in the past, apart from giving you the content and may be structuring it for you a bit, what else do they do? How do they really help you ensure that you succeed? Who have you heard say, “Oh, the platform helped me ace the test”.  

Traditionally, the onus to score wellhas squarely been on you, provided that you’re given the content. The grown-ups, the tutors, the teachers – whoever was in-charge said, “We’ve given you everything. Good luck!”. 

Wait! Let’s get this straight. The students, who were taking the online course – because maybe they weren’t the best at studying by themselves (or else they’d likely self-study) – were accountable to use their best judgement to study for the same thing they went to get help for? It’s like telling your cat to guard the milk! Or, a patient going to the doctor, who ends ups up operating on himself. Or, a client who goes to a lawyer, who ends up representing herself, because the lawyer said, “I’ve given you all the resources you need to fight the case. Good luck!”. Shall I go on?

No wonder most students don’t score spectacularly well on their tests, despite the “extra help”. 

Tangent: Some students do score well, of course, regardless of the content given to them because they possess the necessary skillset to make use of what they have, learn it well, test themselves ahead of time, and be disciplined in their approach. Not surprisingly, there’s an overlap between people who do well on their tests and those who have close to 4.0 GPAs. Duh. That being said, do you need a high GPA to do well on your test? Heck no. You need to commit to the prep. and you need discipline. 

Mark One is designed for you. It’s not about just giving you the content, but also the strategy that we know works! The onus to do well still lies on you, in the you put in the effort and learn the content, but you’re no longer responsible for planning your test! You don’t have to ask yourself, “What should I do? When should I finish the content by?” because we’ve built that for you. Our philosophy is, everything other than studying is peripheral stuff: focus on the studying dimension of things, and if you’re not doing well then, we can figure out why that’s the case and fix it! If you do the work, we’ll even guarantee your score.

But wait, you’re thinking! How’s this possible? How can 99point9 guarantee that I will score 515 or more on the MCAT? Or, 165 or more on the LSAT? Or similarly on the GMAT, GRE, SAT – you name it. How can these guys make such a bold claim? 

If that’s your question, the award yourself +5 points for being on the ball. To answer this, you need to understand the problem first. 


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